Genres – Thriller;
157574 Vote;
country – USA;
directors – Josh Safdie;
Casts – Idina Menzel

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Was expecting it to flop to be honest but what a great story and such a seeious roll for adam sandler definitely worth a watch but did seem to drag on at some points.

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From the first time you see Sandler’s character. It’s nonstop mayhem. Problem after problem. Unexpected circumstances. I was on the edge of my seat the entire time. I have no spoilers because it’s a must see and I never ever write reviews, but I had to tell someone else who may be interested in what kind of movie it is. Best Christmas gift to myself and I bought myself AirPod Pro.
Will Adams.

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Could only take 10 mins of this. Although I love Sandler his voice in this is so forced its torture. Its a shout fest from all the actors in an effort to be heard over the god awful soundtrack. Not for me.